Sunday, October 26, 2014


Finally found Gardein- the best of the best when it comes to meatless meat! I first heard about this on Ellen (like 2 years ago), so you can imagine my excitement when Bart spotted this in the frozen food section at Smiths Marketplace here in Logan. I've so far tried the Chicken Sliders, Crispy Chicken Tenders, and the Fishless Filet - all very yummy!!! I think they go for around $3.50 per bag and you get between 4-8 in each.

Came across this 3-pack of Krusteaz Pumpkin Baking Mix at Sams Club last month and have LOVED it! My favorite part about it is how it comes with 3 recipes all that can be made with the mix packets included such as Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cookies, and even Pumpkin Pancakes!

Now for the funny part of this post....get ready because I mean really funny! And appetizing....okay, not really. But still I'm promising you on the very funny.

For the most part our 3 1/2 yr old Grant does a really good job helping me at the grocery store....often times he'll be able to select which brands we buy of what, and even reminds me what we're out of, but as I've learned, the candy bins and the candy rack by the check-out are just TOO TEMPTING for him. So, for these areas of the store I'm sure to play extra close attention to him. 

But, on this most recent occasion, I was in the juice aisle which I didn't know had a container of Lindt chocolate balls right at his eye level behind me and this time he was extra sneaky....he not only unwrapped it without me hearing it, but then he put the empty wrapper back in the bin. It wasn't until about 2 aisles later that I noticed his mouth was full of something.....I looked at him straight in the eyes so I could once again recite my line of "We can't take things from stores without paying for it" but then I realized his big-eyed look wasn't "I'm sorry," it was "Mom, I'm going to throw up." (btw- I can confidently say that after 5 years of parenting I know this look well). I told him "It's okay! it's okay! it's okay! Just swallow it, and don't do it again." I suggested this because I thought maybe he felt really bad about taking it, or he just had too much of it in his mouth but then he blurted out "I can't, I don't like it!"

And there right in the middle of the grocery store, the sputtering out pour of bubbly, gooey chocolate began.

It reminded me of one of those chocolate fountains (you know, the kind you see at weddings or in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) only way less appetizing of course since the chocolate was now being regurgitated. I quickly lunged for the baby wipes in my purse and did my best to sop up as much of it as I could, but this now relentless monsoon of chocolate covered the entire front of his shirt complete with oozing drip marks down both of his shirt sleeves and pant legs. Oh me oh my. :O 

There were of course some onlookers....(I don't blame them, it really was a scene you don't see everyday). I think one lady thought I was trying to get him to spit it, trust me I was definitely NOT wanting that, what was done was done! After he was finished, I made sure we went back to the aisle so that he could show me where he found it so that we could pay for it. When we were being run up, I had to share the story with the check-out lady who had a good laugh about it....then Grant looked up at us and just when I thought he'd say something along the lines of, "I won't do that again!" he instead said "Yeah, those big chocolate balls aren't very good." Oh man, he is a funny one! For another fun grocery store experience (4 years ago with Benjamin), click here.

And lastly....just a couple of weeks ago that same curious young lad of ours (Grant) decided an arm of a Lego man looked appetizing enough to eat! After confirming that he did in fact consume it, I immediately called our pediatrician. After describing the small plastic object to the nurse, she told me that it would come out when he went to the bathroom, but that it may take a couple of days. Okay? I thought. Then she says the next part of "You should make sure though." Okay..... I thought again, then quickly wished he wasn't potty trained (never thought I'd say that!). I then called my mom and without hesitation she said, "Pull out your training potty and get some plastic knives" in the same tone an Army Commander would say "Bring in the troops!" Her tone was what I needed to get into full-on poo search committee mode, only I am a one-woman army. Really, I had no other choice but to wait, contain, and search. See, I told you this was FUNNY!!!!!

Come 2 days later, I successfully discovered that dang Lego piece. This truly brought motherhood to a whole other level for me. Not because of what finding that Lego piece entailed, but because of the satisfaction I felt when it was found. As every mom can attest - all in a days work!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Garland

I came across this cute garland (scroll all the way down to the end of that link) a couple of years ago and finally got around to re-creating it! Below are my how-to and final product's inexpensive, easy, and festive!

Side note: I bought this pre-made wreath from Michaels, I just added the brown ribbon to it.

Here's a shot of everything you'll need! I found all at Michaels craft store except for the plastic leaves which I already had.

Step 1: Measure out your twine (I just laid it up and over my door frame) but one tip I have is to add a bit extra to how long you think you want it, to account for all of the knots you'll be doing for each of the items which I learned shortens it.

Step 2: Hole punch your leaves. I learned that you can do this on plastic ones! Cool, huh?

Step 3: Lace the twine through each of the pieces creating a pattern of pine cone, acorn, leaf or whatever you want. For the acorns and pine cones, I just wrapped the twine around it with a knot

 And voila! Here's the final product. And because our door frame sticks out a bit from our siding, I didn't even have to fasten it, I just tucked it behind the two upper corners of the door frame. Really, really easy and a great way to add beautiful fall colors to the entrance of your home!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gots to do it.

Taking on a new perspective around here which has been requiring a lot of hope, courage, and prayer. Maybe I'm not the first one to say something along these lines....preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best? Either way, all that thinking can become pretty draining. Anyway- I have exactly 32 minutes to write this post before I'm off for preschool pick-up, but I think it will be a good 32 (make that 31) minutes for me to spend today.

Saw the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey {by myself I might add!} last night and L-O-V-E-D it. I'm kinda picky when it comes to movies (I don't like wasting my time) and this one hit the nail on the head in all areas of dramatic, funny, inspirational, and even a bit romantic. Definite must see.

Wearing these Hunter boots. All the time. Yes, they are pricey but the perfect way for me to transition from my ever-so-comfy-and-slip-on-ever-so-quickly flip-flops. Here's the look I love:

Eating this snack: Apple slices + peanut butter + granola on top. Yum! for all ages.

Loving Boscia skincare. Now that I'm no longer nursing (note this because of the salicylic acid it contains), I recently started using the Clear Complexion cleanser, toner, and treatment and am sooooo happy to report that it's not too drying or harsh and is leaving me with fantastic results! All of their products are preservative free and botanically based which I think is really important when it comes to the face. 

While on the beauty front, I want to share that I finally started using a wrinkle/aging cream! Ahhhh! No, really it's all good. I know at 33 I'm actually late on this but as I've mentioned before, I'm really cautious about what I use while either pregnant or nursing (aka my life during the past 5 years). To find the kind I'm using, I did some research and after hearing so many rave reviews about the affordably priced Boots brand (made in London), I purchased the Protect & Perfect Intense night cream and I can't get enough of it! It goes on so smooth and silky and I can really tell a difference in the morning. Hurry, it's on sale now at Ulta!

Is it just me, or are there a lot of good songs on the radio right now? Here's a list of a few I've really been enjoying....

Finally found adorable little girl shoes! Shopping for cute and well-made kids shoes in Logan is soooo hard, no? Here's a couple we've been liking a lot...I promise that they're both CUTE and COMFORTABLE. ;)

Cientas- they even are made to be scented with strawberries, no joke!

Riley Boot, Red
Riley boot by Wee Squeak- you can easily take the squeaker out, or leave in and laugh your heart out!

And last, I found this article on blogging kinda interesting.

K, I made it with 4 minutes to I go!

p.s. future posts I hope to and easy fall garland, story of our first home purchase, pics of our updated guest bath, boys room, and Elyse's room. Not sure when I'll have the time for these, just someday...someday, I say! :O

Monday, September 29, 2014

Women Unite!

I caught a blog post the other day from a woman who heard about other women in third world countries in need of help. So she did something pretty cool by putting together a team to create a large number of menstrual kits as directed by the non-profit, Days For Girls International.

Her post really struck a chord with me as it explained why this small act is of such great importance. As taken from the Days For Girls International website....


​What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school, DAYS without income, DAYS without leaving the house? Girls use leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks, anything they can find during their menstrual cycle...but still miss up to 2 months of school every year. It turns out this issue is a surprising but instrumental key to social change for women all over the world.

I myself am not a sewer, but I went right over to the website and donated $40 which will go to help 60 women! I have since told a few of my friends about it and hope to continue the awareness and support for this cause in any way that I can. I've been wanting to find a way to help other women in need in some way for awhile now but I guess I just keep thinking that I don't have the time, or know where to begin. Well, I'm taking this project as my sign to be aware and supportive to these women in need. 

You can make a difference too! Click here to learn how to make your donation whether that be through sewing some kits, organizing a sewing team, collecting other needed necessities, or donating money. I also just declared them my charity through AmazonSmile which means that every time I shop for eligible purchases on, Amazon will donate 0.5% to them. You can set up a charity of your choice by visiting Pretty cool, right? Women unite!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

(okay, our backyard)....we threw a STAR WARS party for our son Benjamin's 5th birthday!!!

Benjamin's interest in Star Wars has been continuing since last year (which is when he decided that he was a real Jedi Knight), so when he told me earlier this summer that that's what he wanted his b-day theme to be, I was ready to make it as out of this world as I could. Thanks to A TRILLION great ideas on Pintrest and blogs (this fantastic one in particular) it all came together really well and fairly inexpensively.

If you google "Star Wars Parties" you'll quickly learn how many clever food tie-ins there are with the movie. We narrowed our snacks down to these favorites: Jedi Juice (Capri Suns), Force Fuel (mini sodas), Chewy Brownies, Padawan Popcorn, Wookie Cookies (Teddy Grahams), and Han Rolos (Rolos candy). We also served Out of This World Pizza from Dominos.

Since his party was close to the end of the summer, I scored on some of plastic serve ware on sale from Smiths Marketplace (we already had the big yellow plastic bins which I pretty much use in some way for EVERY party we throw). I thought the big black bowl (which we used for the popcorn) resembled Darth Vader's helmet and the above yellow chip/veggie dish resembled a space ship. ;)

Here's a view of the entrance guests saw when they first arrived. Signs read: "Welcome Young Jedi" and "Jedi Training Center." The sheet of galaxy background is just excess off one of the tablecloths.

Here's a round-up of all the games we played. Like I did for Grant's 3rd b-day, I just attached signs to our re-usable tall garden stakes. These were spread out throughout our yard to designate each different game station. Here's a list of what each game was:

Darth Tater: We had a mini Darth Vader helmet that I attached to our Hot Potato game. This simple game is always such a hit!

Princess Leia Says: Used this one as an ice breaker as we waited for all of the Young Jedi Knights to arrive. It was played just like Simon Says, only with Princess Leia and using sayings like..."Run around like Han Solo" or "March like a Storm Trooper" or "Dance like a Ewok."

Jabba The Hop: Purchased these king size pillow cases (because every review I read about real potato sacks said that they stink!) for kids to do potato sack races in. They worked great!

Light Saber Challenge: Each child was given a mini light saber to to keep white balloons/ clouds up in the air.

Torpedo Toss: Kids tossed lawn darts (I found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond) at a large 2' Darth Vader balloon that we tied to a hula hoop to keep it on the ground. I meant to get a photo of it but before I could, one of the torpedos launched him back into outer space! We all joked that he was going back to the dark side. ;)

Here's a shot of the banner that I made! It read the famous Star Wars saying: May The Force Be With You. It is my first and probably only banner that I will make. I just used my computer, paper, and ribbon and it was therefore really cheap, but it was pretty time consuming to cut out each letter, back with card stock, hole punch twice, then thread threw onto the sure made for a cute back drop though!

Benjamin and Grant already had STAR WARS t-shirts (found at H&M this past spring, before they quickly sold out!), and Bart and my Dad were happy to wear black and yellow tees that I found at Old Navy (which are now also sold out).

The tablecloths, mini spaceships, goodie bags, and Darth Vader balloon were all ordered online from Birthday Direct. The above shown mini light sabers are the BEST! My sister found them last year and they've held up very well to all of our kids constant and rough play. I've spotted them at Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kmart.

Ordered party invitations from here and since Benjamin was a Jedi Knight last Halloween (thanks to my sister's awesome sewing skills) we had a pretty great picture of him posing with his light saber to use for it.

That's our STAR WARS party in a nutshell Millennium Falcon. Thanks again to everyone who joined us!

p.s. click here for a really funny Star Wars themed nursery that I recently came across.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Have to share this....

This site to learn all about Net Neutrality and do something about it (even if that means leaving a message on your congressman's answering machine). I'm the first to admit that I'm kinda out of it when it comes to staying current on the news (terrible, I know!) but thankfully my husband keeps me abreast on the latest issues and problems going on, and I'm here to report that: THIS ONE IS A BIGGIE. It really does upset me whenever I learn how greedy and unfair corporations can be, making it very necessary for us to voice our voice!

This beautiful look (make sure you scroll through all the slides with the arrows on the top) into actress Julie Bowen's life as a mom. I found the photography stunningly real and incredibly sweet, and found her outlook on motherhood refreshing and fun. I can sooooo relate to her and so many of her comments....especially the one about her wanting to be given food in pill-form like Judy Jetson and how a crisis involving her kids happens every second....boy can I relate there! ;)

This book on marriage. I love the simple but valuable insight it shares and how applicable it is to single, engaged, newly-wedded, or married folks. I'll be giving this out as future wedding gifts for sure. Today my husband are celebrating our 7 year anniversary! We had the pleasure of going out on Saturday afternoon for a date mini-golfing (thanks to my dad frequently taking us as children, I've always had a love for it) and dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Le Nonne ~ it was lovely!

Hope you all have a fantastic week ~ the weather has been quite perfect out lately!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Intracasies of Raising Children

Image artist: Rebecca Peragine

Some day last week we were having one of our typical weekday mornings...boys were eating bowls of Cheerios, Elyse was throwing Cheerios, and I was cleaning up Cheerios. You know, just another delightful Thursday. :) But somewhere in between our usual day-to-day stuff, I stopped and listened, I mean really listened and this is what I heard....

"Brother, Mommy said we could have......TRAIL MIX!" - Grant

"Mom!, Elyse just ate her first sunflower seed!" - Benjamin

 "Grant, today I have soccer practice. You can come, just make sure you don't come on the field unless we're having a break." - Benjamin.   "No, Mommy said I can play at the park."- Grant

"Mom, is it okay if I wear this today?" - Benjamin holding up his STAR WARS t-shirt which I'm pretty sure he had already worn twice maybe even three times that week.

I know these short lines of conversation from my kids doesn't sound like much, but on this simple day last week I savored it and really wanted to remember it. A few weeks ago (around the time when everyone was getting ready to be in back-to-school mode and we were still in lots-of-days-at-home mode), I decided on a new schedule for us.... 

Mondays we play by ear. 
Tuesdays we go out somewhere. 
Wednesdays we have a play date.
Thursdays we eat out.
Fridays we go to a park.  

Simple, but just what we needed to get us through to a new season. Benjamin also recently started back up with soccer (which I love by the way!~ new friends to make, new parks to visit, treats to bring, speedy son to watch soaking up every minute of his intense new life as a real athlete). Grant, Elyse, and I have some other kid-related classes that we'll be starting up with soon too.

Whenever I write about children on this blog, I try to balance the funny/real life stuff with the incredibly sweet moments that they so very often add to our lives. Here's some quotes I've been collecting that I feel do just that too.....enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Creamy Yellow + Calendar Art + Yummy Sandwich

As this post title states- I have lots to share today! 
But so I don't ramble, the overall theme will be kitchen + food. But not just any kitchen, OUR NEWLY RE-PAINTED KITCHEN. This is a big deal seeing how before this little project the only painting I had ever done before was my nails. Okay, still the only painting I've ever done is my nails. Thank you handyman husband~ Bart!  
The color we chose is called: WESTON FLAX by Benjamin Moore but the kind of paint we used is called Pure Performance (PP) in Eggshell finish since I'm a bit paranoid about any kindof smells/chemicals/fumes. For those of you like me, PP paint is awesome because it has ZERO VOC. That's right, ZERO. As stated by the guy at the paint store (aka- my good friend), it's what they use in hospital rooms....SOLD! 

Back when I was studying interior design (myoldcollegedays), I remember hearing that Benjamin Moore (BM) was a good kind of paint. But after talking to my good friend (aka paint store employee) I learned about the PP line, so as shown previously on this wall with all of our paint samples, we originally thought we'd go with one of the PP shades (either Tuscan Sun or Butter Cookie). But no, Tuscan Sun was way too dark for us (reminded us of baby poo!) and Butter Cookie didn't have that depth we were looking for...(remember I warned you, I can go on and on and on about paint colors). So, I went back to the paint store, that's when my friend told me about the option of selecting a color from another paint line but using the PP kind of paint. GENIUS. 

Well, after staring for a good while at Benjamin Moore's yellows, I was still a bit unsure so my friend found a wood sample very close to the color of our existing cabinets since that is really the main color in the space (unfortunately) and what our newly painted walls will be so close to = DOUBLE GENIUS because once I saw the yellows next to the wood, I was quickly able to narrow it down to either Hawthorne Yellow or Weston Flax. After returning home with those samples, we tried them both and really liked them both! Hmmm, decisions,, we did what we do with a lot of our life dilemmas and referred to our kids. Hands down, Weston Flax was the winner. 

We're loving it because it has a certain creaminess and softness about it (our awful fluorescent light does not do it justice in these photos) and flows nicely into the rest of our home's plain white interior. I also liked how it's part of Benjamin Moore's Historic Collection, fitting we feel since our home was built in the 80's. Ha ha.

Now I know what you're all thinking - painting the perimeter of our outdated kitchen is really not that dramatic of change. 

Yes, you're right. 

Shall I introduce you to our dream?
AKURUM kitchen with LIDINGÖ grey doors/drawers/glass-doors and NUMERÄR solid beech countertop
 both found here IKEA 2015 Catalog

A well-planned kitchen complete with an island
SO, one day yes we do plan to undergo a full kitchen remodel in the colors of creamy yellow, white, gray, and black (click here for my may recognize the 5x7 version already hung on our wall by our microwave). 

Good news is our kitchen is not very big, which is actually what I prefer at this stage in our lives (kitchen islands/bar stools + climby kids have never worked out well for us in our previous  homes). We therefore thought it couldn't hurt to get a quote from a local cabinetry company and for our entire kitchen to get redone in solid maple + gray painted cupboards (it's offiical: I'm obsessed with GRAY cabinetry), we're looking at about $6,500 (that includes complete removal of our existing cabinets and install of the new ones). Once we add on new counter tops, back splash, sink, and recessed lighting we're thinking it will be a little over $10,000. Which isn't all that bad relatively speaking, but too far out of our price range right now. But, now that we know this is something we both really, really want (we bought this home for its location and  backyard compromising with the outdated kitchen) we're starting up a kitchen savings fund and hope to be there in about 2-3 yrs. Until then, I really liked watching this video on Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates from Lowes....who knew something as simple as clearing off our counter tops could make such a difference!

Now for my idea of turning an old calendar into instant artwork...

 First you find an old calendar that you like the artwork from (I so wish I could share the artist for this was a gift to me from etsy with no artist signature ANYWHERE on it. :(.

 Then you buy some simple black frames (I like these 5x7 back insert kind since you don't have a back display flap to worry about. Found them at Walmart for only $2 a piece).

Then you cut off any signs of the date stuff around the image.

Then you put into your frames with the existing mat and take them into a framing shop asking them to cut you new mats in a custom size to properly frame the image and fit inside the frame. HOBBY LOBBY did mine for super cheap at only $4 per mat.

And voila, there you have it- re-usable artwork with custom mats in simple black frames for only $6 per piece! 

Still here?

Drooling yet over my yummy sandwich lead in?

Well, I will promise you that it was worth waiting for. Speaking of waiting for, the new HERBERGERS is finally set to open next week!!! So glad to have a department store here in town again. Also opening soon is a super cool new cafe/hot spot up on campus called MORTY'S. Love all of their vegetarian options....and the sound of their fries and shakes.....YUM!

photo credit
When my husband first tasted this easy peasy but DELICIOUS sandwich made by me (btw- found the recipe for it in one of those Smiths Marketplace mailings) I believe his words were "This sandwich is a slam dunk Kate!" or "This sandwich is a home run Kate!" I can't exactly remember since I was so blissfully enjoying bite after bite of it myself....but, since both athletic achievements are equally amazing and this sandwich is worthy of being compared to both, I'm re-naming it as:

The Slam Run Sandwich Of The Summer

Here's how you slam it. Or run with about any way you get it your mouth, you'll be happy.

Buy some fancy white bread (I think thinner sliced works better for this sandwich btw- making it open faced is optional)
Put a little mayo on it
A couple slices of Havarti cheese 
Some mixed salad greens and chopped green onion
A nice big tomato slice
Salt and pepper
Drizzle some Balsamic Vinegar over it (I like Newman's Own brand)

Okay, that's it from me this Labor Day weekend. My Handy Man of a husband is now currently in the process of painting our upstairs guest bathroom (which also involved removing MORE wallpaper!) and installing a new light fixture, mirror, and bath accessories....pretty exciting. And, thanks to a $25 off coupon I'd been hoarding from Lowes, we got the entire project in at $350. But that's it for us on the remodeling front for the rest of the year (Bart made me promise ;O). 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New gig.

photo credit

Remember this post that I did earlier this year? Well, it turns out I was right- a new adventure did pop up for me as I'm now a part-time contributor for a local magazine! The opportunity arose around March of this year when I first got word of a new magazine starting up. I wasted no time contacting the editor, and eagerly sent along some of my writing samples (which I had readily available thanks to this blog), had a meeting with her to discuss more of the magazine's focus, readership, possible future story ideas, etc. and like birds of the same feather, we immediately flocked together clicked!

I've so far written a few articles and come this fall, will have my first full feature article complete with photographs; so exciting for me! The part that I love most about this new gig is that I get to write about things/events/people that I'm already interested in because they're what make up my community. I've always been naturally drawn to meeting new people and learning about the latest happenings, so so far this has been a great fit for me as it keeps me in-the-know and out and about beyond my life as a mom of 3 kids.

When I started this blog 5 years ago, there were a few times along the way when I questioned what I was doing with it....what I should be doing with it....and even if it's worth doing? But the answer has always been the same for was like a little voice kept telling me: Yes, Kate you should keep writing (said in the tone of "Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus"). By keeping up belief in this blog (even if a lot of it has been completely random, uninteresting nonsense....remember the time when I tried every kind of Kettle potato chip and then reviewed them?) it's kept up that inner part of me. The part of me that's hard to keep up during this all-encompassing parenthood.

They say writing is like a muscle, you have to keep at it. When I first started this blog, I didn't know what I wanted to say but now I know what I want to do...I want to keep challenging myself to try at something. Even if it's something small like starting my own blog, or writing for a local magazine. Both of these things have been a great way for me to branch out, connect with people, learn more about how I think and what I like, all of which have been crucial in helping me grow.

Here's to blogging, visiting, sharing, and writing! Thank you!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Latest Loves of Summer

Howdy! I still have not found my list of summer loves, but figured that since I can remember at least a couple of the items on there, I could just rack my brain for the rest as I type. Plus for us, we're still in summer mode since Benjamin doesn't start school for another two weeks. To keep us busy until then, I convinced my husband to take on painting ONE more room (our upstairs guest bathroom). And there's no backing out since I've already picked up the paint (spoiler alert: we I chose Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, the same color my good friend Tami used in her basement which I've always loved) as well as all new bath accessories. I have a feeling this is going to be a really good and budget-friendly little makeover! p.s. yes, I will soon post after pics of our kitchen, just currently in the process of getting some new artwork hung.

Never knew I could actually like weeding, but turns out I kinda do and think I owe a large part of that is beacuse of these gloves. They fit perfectly (I went with a medium) and wash up really well. Plus, they keep me looking stylish which you know is very important whilst covered in dirt and sweating. ;)

Contigo Kids Water Bottles BPA Free , Dishwasher Safe & Spill-Proof Spout (3 pack box) model# 032160k1
Elyse went straight from nursing to these! Yep, good bye annoying sippy cups (they always leak!!!) and hello to these easy peasy straw cups (trust me, your children's dentist will thank you). They're a bit pricey, but last FOREVER! We use one for milk and one for her Nursery Water (what we use since we don't have fluoridated water...come 2 yrs of age, we switch to giving them fluoride pills). 

I came across these on sale at Kohls a few weeks ago and so far have been really happy with them. I like them because I think they nicely dress up my casual look of tank/tee + shorts while providing me with a little more coverage on days that I don't feel like regular shorts and it's too hot out for full on capris. They wash up very well after drying in the dryer for a few minutes on low and getting laid out (I don't like ironing...). I also purchased them in black. Good news is they're still on sale for only $19.99!

These are very easy breezy. Yes, I just wrote that. But it's true, I just love comfy skirts (think this love happened back when I was pregnant). To me they say stylish - but not trying too hard. Very flattering and go with lots of different things!

inner light™ mineral tinted moisture broad spectrum SPF 15
As I wrote about finding while out in Minneapolis, I want to share again how happy I've been with AVEDA makeup. I typically have combo skin but like a very natural look. That makes finding the exact blend of makeup tricky until I found this lightweight tinted moisturizer (with SPF 15) followed up with this pressed powder to be the perfect solution for me! Since I can also get kinda shiny in the summer months, I've also purchased this loose powder. It's been back-ordered for over a month now, so I'm so excited they've finally got it back in stock! I also like their color's like a lip gloss and lipstick in one. Brilliant.

Planters Nut Variety Pack - 24 ct.
My boys are big time snackers (okay, me too). Since we're often on the go-go-go, I like these variety packs of nuts from Sams Club. I wish they weren't salted, but since they are I just open up one bag, split into bowls, then add some Craisins and/or carrots or popcorn. Sometimes I give them each a whole bag too if we're headed out somewhere. Either way, they're a great little mid-day pick me up!