Friday, January 23, 2015

Lots of lovin'

Looking forward to Valentines Day! Over the past few years I've really come to embrace this holiday. I think it's because it offers something happy {like love} to think about during these long cold months of winter. Here's some of the little loves I've been buying, watching, and getting excited about....

These gold rimmed dot earrings are as cute as a button! Remember how I once told you that I shop at Nordstrom's Brass Plum (teenage dept) for jewelry? As another blog once advised, you can find both cheap and cute there. Well, I'll now be adding H&M to my favorite jewelry shops because these encompass exactly what I look for in jewelry....classic, inexpensive, non-dangly, and goes with everything. Did I mention a 4-pair pack of these are only $5.95? STEAL!

Be ready to pucker up for your hottie (did I just write hottie?!) with these Color Stain Sticks by Revlon. My friend {thanks Julie!} mentioned them on her blog a couple of months ago, and after receiving an Ulta giftcard for Christmas, I decided to try one....or two. ;) Honey (which I think goes on darker than it shows but still very complimentary) and Cherish (which at first is like a total Barbie doll pink, but totally in right now!). Both lighten up nicely with Aveda's color gloss in Luna on top and the color stays on for a very long time. Love how the applicator is like a crayon too, very soft and easy to apply and cheaper than Clinique's Chubby Sticks. I think these will be a new staple in my make-up bag from now on!

Do you remember how cool Astronaut Ice Cream was when you were a kid? It came up the other day when I was reading a space book to our boys and they couldn't believe I had actually eaten space food before. :O I love it when I can still wow them with my awesomeness. So, I went onto amazon and of course they have some! This is going to be my Valentines present for my boys. ;)

We no longer have cable, but that hasn't stopped me (aka The Home Show Addict) from buying seasons of shows that I like via amazon (the verdict is still out if not having cable is actually saving us any money....). I find this show Fixer Upper to be funny, amazing, and interesting. I just can't get enough of it! Joanna also has a blog called Magnolia. You can check out more of their work here.

I've been on the hunt for a good new book to get into and have heard this one The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton is really good! I just picked it up at the library today, but am super excited to get started reading it and will be sure to let you know what I think. 

Hope you all have a lovely time enjoying your loves, whatever they may be!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Latest Loves of Winter

Did you all have a fun Christmas? A major highlight of mine was getting my children's photographs (read all about it here) as well as my husband surprising me with this below H&M blouse. I was so ecstatic I think I cried...I guess it had been awhile since I had felt that special! I know- sleeveless is not what you'd expect to see during winter time here in Utah, but I wore it with a black blazer to my in-laws holiday party with some red lipstick and felt soooo drastically different from my usual look of thermals and Sorels. I decided it's a good change to feel a bit glam every so often!

Next up is this amazing robe + slippers by Restoration Hardware from my mom and sis. I'm so grateful that they think of me while they hit up all the cool shops in SLC. :) I've been wearing the slippers non-stop (decided slippers are like gloves and don't know what you've been missing until you find the PERFECT pair that are comfortable and keep you toasty warm).

Hotel Satin Stitch Cotton Bath RobeLuxury Plush Slippers

Confesstion: I spend a good amount of my day in pj pants. Yep, I do. Between changing diapers, hauling laundry, making meals, and playing with my kids, I like to be comfortable. In the past I've gone to JCREW for a real quality pair, but these from Eddie Bauer are cheaper and just as good!

Remember that super in-depth report I did about jeans last year? Well, I'm back with a new pair. It's the Curvy Straight Leg Jeans- StayShape by Eddie Bauer. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you to be shopping at Eddie Bauer for jeans, but after my new found love with their pj pants, I hopped aboard their jean wagon and REALLY REALLY REALLY love this pair. If you're curvy but still like the look of a straight leg/skinny jean with comfort and style at a good price (plus they come in short) you should definitely consider these!

Lastly are these Pro Meal bars that I found on display in the cereal aisle at Lees. I'm so all about satisfying hunger while staying healthy and on-the-go and these are doing just that! They come in a lot of different flavors and are soft and chewy. Yum yum! 

K, that's it for now....gotsa go to the grocery store. Wish me luck- I'll be traveling with a cart full of kiddos! :O

Friday, January 2, 2015

Remembering When

I've never been one to get sad about our children growing up {yet} but I do enjoy capturing each of their various stages in memorable ways, so for each child I've always been sure to either take them to do a 6 mon. + 1 yr old professional photo shoot, or a 9 mon. + 18 mon. professional photo shoot. Since we live in Logan, that has always taken us to the convenient JCPenneys, but after Elyse's last 9 mon. photo shoot there, I knew that we were done. I was officially craving a look more our style....more modern and fresh, all while still staying timeless and classic. Thankfully, a friend of mine just had a wonderful turn-out at a studio called Camera Shy (located in Lehi, West Jordan, and Gardner Village) and since we were headed down to SLC anyway for the holidays, I jumped at the opportunity to book us a session!

Originally I was just going to have it be for landed on her 18 mon. milestone exactly! But when I learned it was the same price regardless of how many children, I decided to do our boys as well and Can I just say how pretty much every.single.shot of them turned out amazing?! Those of us with kids knows how hard that is! :O I don't know if it was their fun environment, or if our kids just like smiling better for real photographers, but I truly am in LOVE with the entire bunch of our 60 photos that were taken.

Another thing that's cool about them is their pricing. It's $89 per session (it was easy for me to find a $5 online coupon!) which includes a CD with all the photos and rights to re-print on your own. They'll also do prints at $5 per page (or larger if you'd like). We were running short on time on our pick-up day, but it was very inexpensive and easy for me to just hop onto to (they were running a 40% off entire site promo) where I ordered 80 4x6's, a couple 8x10's, 3 5x7's, and a 11x14 for $34...including shipping!!!! So, for $84 + $5 tip for photographer + $34 for a ton of prints = a total of $123 seems like a total deal to me!

While speaking of those adorable 3, here's some written snapshots of memories I know I'll forever want to remember....

Benjamin (5 yrs)
Has already figured that Santa isn't really real.
Asks what the weather is like every time we mention a different place (he's a planner like me).
Takes notice of all the little when I was putting him to bed one night he said to me "Mom, I really like the Christmas towels you hung up in the bathroom." I just love how he notices and appreciates things like that. :)
Wants to take guitar lessons so that he can sing on the radio.
Jumps at the chance to pick out outfits for his little sister....he's been doing this for her ever since she was an infant!

Grant (3 1/2 yrs)
Sings me the song "You Don't Know You're Beautiful"...I die every time!
Is a math wizard.
Likes to help me bake and cook.
Laughs hysterically at the book Polar Babies (it's not suppose to be funny but it really is).
Every few days he'll fall asleep crazy 6:30 pm and sleep until around 9 am the next day.
Remembers the songs he learns in Tumbling class and sings them while either standing on his head or chasing around his sister.

Elyse (1 1 /2 yrs)
Loves sliding down her new slide!
Is now a free roamer around our home....took down all of the baby gates last week!
Put away her high chair and replaced it with one of these floating chairs that we bought back when Benjamin was little (gives us back one of our dining room chairs!).
Happily dances whenever her brothers play the keyboard.
Delights in sledding and doesn't mind falling face first into the snow.
Yells "Mommmm-maaaaaay" quite in, right now....

Hope you're all enjoying a fun start to the new year! So far I've spent 2015 de-cluttering, cleaning, and re-arranging. LOVE the feeling of NEW + CLEAN any way I can get it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What I know for sure....

candle from h&m home collection

Today I pulled my jcrew cashmere sweater out of the dryer. {sigh}. I probably have a grand total of 5 clothing items containing cashmere, all of which are saved for fancy/special occasions except for this one that I snagged on sale last spring. In case you haven't already gathered, it shrunk. That is what I know for sure. ha ha.

I also know I was lucky to have gotten away with washing it in the washing machine for so long (I really don't frequent the dry cleaner much anymore), but alas, this time I forgot to lovingly lie it out to dry and that was that. Good part is that I'm already over it and I think it relates nicely to what this H&M candle so profoundly states (leave it to H&M to be profound, right?) ~ TIME is endlessly continuous. Make it count, don't count it.

In my situation, I take that to mean that I should be thankful for all the times I did get to wear that sweater AND in all actuality, I don't really need a cashmere sweater considering how messy and hectic real life is for us right now. Gaining that perspective came along some mothering wisdom. So, to follow in true Oprah style, here's my latest of what I know for sure (hopefully it's more interesting than my whole sweater saga)....

  • Never underestimate the connection that occurs simply by starring into your child's eyes.
  • Whenever a cry followed by "Mommmmm!" is heard, a hug is always the answer.
  • Always start bedtime a little earlier than you think....the crash and burn of children only intensifies as the night goes on. 
  • Read, read, read books of all kinds as often as possible to your children. I know I could never tire of our children fighting over a spot on my lap (which is trickier with 3 by the way).
  • Let them figure out sibling injustices as often as's pretty amazing how much social, survival, and cooperation skills can all be learned within the home.
  • "Present the rainbow" - our Pediatrician's recommendation to parents when deciding which kind of food to offer children at each meal. Key word: offer.
  • Be careful not to waste your energy even if that means cutting out stuff you want done because just when you think no day could be as tiring as this one....another can be. 
  • The best time of the day to give out fluoride pills I've found is 2 pm (just in case any one else has been batting the whole leave 1-1/2 hrs before or after consuming milk dilemma).
  • Push in time (notice I didn't say "make time" back there?) for you to work out/zone out/chill out....even if just for a quick 15-20 min! (notice how I used a "!" back there? That's for encouragement to do it!).
  • Remind yourself continuously of the times you saved the day. Compliment your spouse/partner when they do the same.
  • Smile a lot at your spouse/partner, heck, even a wink can go a long way. ;)
  • Keep whatever baby clothes/blankets/shoes/booties bring you joy and take you back to those moments.
  • Get as involved as possible within the world of your children...from their heroes to their fears, from their teachers to their friends, to the things they find cool, to the silly jokes they love to tell. It all matters a lot.
  • Make a plan for the laundry and stick to it without complaining.
  • Maintain excellent food inventory at all times.
  • Try to discover the world as children do.....often they don't even realize they're sharing unforgettable magic. 

I'll proudly take my shrunken cashmere sweater, stained furniture (out ottoman officially bit the dust after being attacked by numerous pointy airplanes, serving as a snack table, and getting covered in a face mask cream), my nobabybabybump (click here for jennifer garner's oh soooo refreshingly and relatable confession about this), and the frantic and exhausting amount of energy it takes for us to ever get ourselves out the door, over being anywhere else today. For to me, these random bits of mothering knowledge also serve as numerous reminders of the life lessons that I've learned during this TIME I've devoted myself to my family....who I know love me in whatever I'm wearing, this I know for sure.

~Wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with all sorts of unforgettable magic.~

Monday, December 15, 2014

A separate post

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently purchased a piece of furniture that I've really been liking a lot. So much so, I've decided its worthy of it's own separate post!

Below is a photo taken from our dining area. I like how this room flows directly into the living room (where carpet is) as well as the kitchen (to the right). The deep gray tile is not something I would've chosen, but is very durable and hides EVERYTHING = very good for families with small children. ;) The one hard part is the size of this far as dining goes, it's adequate, but see that door to the right? That is the door that leads to our garage, and to the left of the window are the doors that lead to out backyard = major walkways/traffic zones! :O

Since we always seem to be running SOMEWHERE, I placed a large basket by the back door to house all of our shoes (see in bottom left of photo below) BUT- with 5 of us, at 2 shoes for each of our pairs of shoes, it was just a mess of a situation when we either all needed to get to our shoes at once, or dig for a certain pair.

I shall now introduce to you shoe organization at its finest......

            This piece was actually was labeled as a "Media Console" by Downeast Outfitters (where it was sold for $250, but I got for $200 due to the Black Friday sale...only thing wrong with it was that it was missing the dowels to place the interior shelves on, but that was a easy fix with just cutting down a 1/4" wooden dowel from Home Depot for a $1).
I knew it was going to work perfect for our space due to it's deep size (as you can see it's doing double rows of the kids shoes on the bottom shelf, plus perfect height (clears the chair rail and allows for more shoes to be displayed on top shelves such as flats and Elyse's shoes) and the sliding doors make it so we don't have to allow for clearance for any baskets to be pulled out or doors opening outwards- genius! The baskets on the top are right now being used for the kids outdoor stuff (such as mittens, gloves, hats) and the larger baskets houses library books and backpacks. I love how everything is still very accessible but not so visible.

 Oh, and this Good Earth light fixture is a newer update for us as well a few months back. I'm such a fan of updating light fixtures....they are a HUGE bang for your buck!!! Bart was such a pro about installing it too....don't you love guys who can switch out a light fixture?! ;)

 May you all enjoy peace in your days!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Cheer

Hi All! Here I am. Not completely gone from blogland, just out for a little while my husband underwent and recovered from surgery----good news is that all went very, very well and just in time for us to enjoy ourselves a merry little Christmas.

Above photo is of some of our neighbor and friends gifts. Idea was found here. Love how easy and inexpensive they were...we're talking only 0.79 cents per 2 liter bottle of root beer (snagged on sale at Lees!) plus craft materials I already had on hand. Kids really enjoyed having a part in them too with their painted hand prints (which can also double as tree ornaments).
Tags read: 

"ROOT"ing for a won"DEER"ful Christmas and New Year!

Other festive things we've been up to...

Live Nativity at a local church....our first I should add! Liked how this was done the weekend after Thanksgiving when normally everyone is out and about was nice to start Christmas honoring its true intention.

Fun neighborhood party- isn't just the best when you find out you really like the people you're already living by?

Reindeer Trek at Willow Park Zoo....decided I much prefer Santas that don't charge money to take your child's photo with them along with a more rustic style of decor.

Found an amazing piece of furniture at Downeast Outfitters at a steal of a deal (thanks to a Thanksgiving Day sale) to house and organize our never ending array of shoes, boots, gloves, mittens, and hats-----you moms know the tornado of winter gear that I'm talking about! I will try to post of pic of it sometime!

Getting ALL of the presents wrapped and ready for the big day.....this was so NOT the case for me last year where I was stuck wrapping, wrapping, wrapping on Christmas Eve :O. I can't express how much I LOVE getting this done and done with lots of time still left in the month to enjoy it all ~

photo credit of Gingerbread Homes found in downtown Logan
Outing planned today to peruse Gingerbread houses displayed around downtown Main St. (see photo above) while sipping on hot drinks....yes, I know I am cheesy but things like this get me so giddy about the season and yes, we live in a town with a street actually called Main Street!

That's it for me today ~ hope you're all finding joy in this wonderful season!

p.s. just in case any of you are in need of some good gift here for a fun family/young kid gift, here for Planes movie lovers toy (love that they don't take batteries!), and here for little girls who love to say wheeee! Now let's hope my kids don't find this post! :O

p.s.s.. here's some fun stocking stuffer ideas....(all found very inexpensively at Kmart)
  • toothbrushes
  • silly putty
  • glow sticks
  • mini candy bars 
  • stickers
  • wind up bath toys
  • hair elastics (for girls)
  • Learn-to-read books (these are our favorite)

p.s.s.s. (last of these ps's i promise)....did you know does price adjustments?! Yes, they do as long as you purchased the item from Amazon directly! So, if you ever buy something from them (even over 6 months ago!), then later see it selling for less (even by pennies) and would like to be refunded the difference, do this:

1) type "Contact Us" in the search field. 
2) click on "Contact Us" in blue right below. 
3) It will now bring up a listing of all your past orders, click on "Chose different orders" if you're not referring to your most recent purchase. Once your order is found, select what specific item you know is now priced lower.
4) Select "Payment Issues."  
5) Select "Price changed on website." 
6) Select Email as the way to correspond for this correction, then type this: "Noticed that this item is now selling for less than what I purchased it for....could you please refund my credit card the difference? Thanks!"

....and volia, you're done! In a 1-3 days you should receive an email back notifying you that they will be refunding your card for the lower price amount. Love this!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sea Salt

"I could honestly LIVE in here!"
 - me to my husband after he painted our upstairs bathroom 

I've always liked our main floor guest/children's bathroom because after living in town homes I was really sick of the closet-sized powder rooms that were always stuffed in a hallway off the kitchen. When we were checking this home out to buy it, I remember thinking that this bathroom was a good size with a good layout, nice plumbing fixtures, and new tile, just in need of some minor updating (don't forget to scroll down to the very bottom for the before pics- you'll die when you see the wallpaper that was in here before! :O) which we were able to do this summer for under $400!

Ahhhh, refreshing Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Thanks to my good friend Tami, I knew deep in my bones that this was going to be the PERFECT color for our bathroom....we didn't even bother with any paint samples, just went full gusto with a gallon of it (which I luckily got on sale at 35% off!). Delta Light fixture is a steal of deal in my opinion. Soooo much better than those awful Hollywood style light bulbs mounted on oak wood. We found ours at Lowes for only $98 (-$25 coupon I had = $73!).

note: the door and trim work (which we did not paint) do not look that ivory in person. ;)
I love this paint color because to me it's the perfect mix of greenish blues with even some gray in it making it refreshing + modern. I therefore HIGHLY recommend this color for EVERYONE to use ANYWHERE!!!! How many paint colors do you know of that are that wonderful and that versatile? Even the guy at Sherwin Williams told me numerous times how this is one of their most popular colors!

Oh, and about that mirror....don't you love now crisp and clean it makes this bathroom look? I actually found it in the home decor section at Lowes by allen + roth but since its large size was right for our long vanity, I decided it was the best choice for a true stand out feature in this room. Once we got it hung up, we realized that it was the perfect compliment to our chunky framed octagon window located on the opposite wall. We originally had it hung a bit higher, but then lowered it once we realized our kids couldn't see themselves in it....small detail, right? ;)

close up of shower curtain meeting our newly painted wall
I almost screamed right in the middle of Kohls when I came across this striped shower curtain....couldn't believe how perfectly it matched our paint color while drawing in the browns from the tile and counter top.

Towel hook rack found online here. We originally had the Delta brand brushed bronze towel rack that went with our other brushed bronze accessories, but returned it after I pictured our children hanging from it and am so glad we found this one because I love the looks of hooks and how we don't have to fuss with keeping them folded ever so perfectly (this is the bathroom our kids use after all). Towels (love their tabs!) are from my sister bought from IKEA.

CraftMei Etsy print "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

 Print taken by me of Bart and the boys at Bear Lake. Sooooo proud to have my first b+w photo framed in our home! Frame from Hobby Lobby.

Ahhhhh! Woah plaid, right?

Here's the close-up my that I know my sister would want me to include....
Yes, they are of OUTHOUSES or THE OLD BACK-HOUSE, whichever term you prefer. :O

Thankfully, the wallpaper came down soooo much easier in this room than it did in our kitchen. Like, just peeled off in nice big sheets after only being sprayed down with water! The only problem was that the part from the border up was recently painted leaving a texture difference between that newer paint and the paint underneath the wallpaper so it required A LOT of sanding (all by hand by my AMAZING husband). 

Total Bathroom Update Costs:
Gallon of Sherwin Williams environmentally friendly paint in Sea Salt....$35
Light fixture.....Lowes $98 (I got for $73)
White wood framed mirror....Lowes $77
Rubbed bronze Delta Providence Venetian hand towel holder, toliet paper holder, shower curtain rod, shower curtain circles....Lowes $80
Amerock rubbed bronze towel hook rack....Amazon $30
Sonoma Life + Style Torrance shower curtain.....Kohls $59 (coupon + Kohls cash, so I got for $35)
Frames....Hobby Lobby $30
Seagrass basket (our baby wipe holder hider)....TJ Maxx $5

 GRAND TOTAL OF....$365!

What a great bang for our buck! Now all the wallpaper that's left is a border found in our family room in the basement....let's just say if you were ever hankerin' for a stay in a log cabin at Bear Lake, our room would be the place to fulfill this fantasy for you. ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Finally found Gardein- the best of the best when it comes to meatless meat! I first heard about this on Ellen (like 2 years ago), so you can imagine my excitement when Bart spotted this in the frozen food section at Smiths Marketplace here in Logan. I've so far tried the Chicken Sliders, Crispy Chicken Tenders, and the Fishless Filet - all very yummy!!! I think they go for around $3.50 per bag and you get between 4-8 in each.

Came across this 3-pack of Krusteaz Pumpkin Baking Mix at Sams Club last month and have LOVED it! My favorite part about it is how it comes with 3 recipes all that can be made with the mix packets included such as Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cookies, and even Pumpkin Pancakes!

Now for the funny part of this post....get ready because I mean really funny! And appetizing....okay, not really. But still I'm promising you on the very funny.

For the most part our 3 1/2 yr old Grant does a really good job helping me at the grocery store....often times he'll be able to select which brands we buy of what, and even reminds me what we're out of, but as I've learned, the candy bins and the candy rack by the check-out are just TOO TEMPTING for him. So, for these areas of the store I'm sure to play extra close attention to him. 

But, on this most recent occasion, I was in the juice aisle which I didn't know had a container of Lindt chocolate balls right at his eye level behind me and this time he was extra sneaky....he not only unwrapped it without me hearing it, but then he put the empty wrapper back in the bin. It wasn't until about 2 aisles later that I noticed his mouth was full of something.....I looked at him straight in the eyes so I could once again recite my line of "We can't take things from stores without paying for it" but then I realized his big-eyed look wasn't "I'm sorry," it was "Mom, I'm going to throw up." (btw- I can confidently say that after 5 years of parenting I know this look well). I told him "It's okay! it's okay! it's okay! Just swallow it, and don't do it again." I suggested this because I thought maybe he felt really bad about taking it, or he just had too much of it in his mouth but then he blurted out "I can't, I don't like it!"

And there right in the middle of the grocery store, the sputtering out pour of bubbly, gooey chocolate began.

It reminded me of one of those chocolate fountains (you know, the kind you see at weddings or in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) only way less appetizing of course since the chocolate was now being regurgitated. I quickly lunged for the baby wipes in my purse and did my best to sop up as much of it as I could, but this now relentless monsoon of chocolate had completely covered the entire front of his shirt complete with oozing drip marks down both his shirt sleeves and pant legs. Oh me oh my. :O 

There were of course some onlookers....(I don't blame them, it really was a scene you don't see everyday). I think one lady thought I was trying to get him to spit it, trust me I was definitely NOT wanting that, what was done was done! After he was finished, I made sure we went back to the aisle so that he could show me where he found it so that we could pay for it. When we were being run up, I had to share the story with the check-out lady who had a good laugh about it....then Grant looked up at us and just when I thought he'd say something along the lines of, "I won't do that again!" he instead said "Yeah, those big chocolate balls aren't very good." Oh man, he is a funny one! For another fun grocery store experience (4 years ago with Benjamin), click here.

And lastly....just a couple of weeks ago that same curious young lad of ours (Grant) decided an arm of a Lego man looked appetizing enough to eat! After confirming that he did in fact consume it, I immediately called our pediatrician. After describing the small plastic object to the nurse, she told me that it would come out when he went to the bathroom, but that it may take a couple of days. Okay? I thought. Then she says the next part of "You should make sure though." Okay..... I thought again, then quickly wished he wasn't potty trained (never thought I'd say that!). I then called my mom and without hesitation she said, "Pull out your training potty and get some plastic knives" in the same tone an Army Commander would say "Bring in the troops!" Her tone was what I needed to get into full-on poo search committee mode....only I was a one-woman army for this assignment. Really, I had no other choice but to wait, contain, and search. See, I told you this was FUNNY!!!!! :O

Come 2 days later, I successfully discovered that glorious Lego piece. This truly brought motherhood to a whole other level for me.....not because of what finding that Lego piece entailed, but because of the satisfaction I felt when it was found. :) As every mom can attest - all in a days work!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Garland

I came across this cute garland (scroll all the way down to the end of that link) a couple of years ago and finally got around to re-creating it! Below are my how-to and final product's inexpensive, easy, and festive!

Side note: I bought this pre-made wreath from Michaels, I just added the brown ribbon to it.

Here's a shot of everything you'll need! I found all at Michaels craft store except for the plastic leaves which I already had.

Step 1: Measure out your twine (I just laid it up and over my door frame) but one tip I have is to add a bit extra to how long you think you want it, to account for all of the knots you'll be doing for each of the items which I learned shortens it.

Step 2: Hole punch your leaves. I learned that you can do this on plastic ones! Cool, huh?

Step 3: Lace the twine through each of the pieces creating a pattern of pine cone, acorn, leaf or whatever you want. For the acorns and pine cones, I just wrapped the twine around it with a knot

 And voila! Here's the final product. And because our door frame sticks out a bit from our siding, I didn't even have to fasten it, I just tucked it behind the two upper corners of the door frame. Really, really easy and a great way to add beautiful fall colors to the entrance of your home!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gots to do it.

Taking on a new perspective around here which has been requiring a lot of hope, courage, and prayer. Maybe I'm not the first one to say something along these lines....preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best? Either way, all that thinking can become pretty draining. Anyway- I have exactly 32 minutes to write this post before I'm off for preschool pick-up, but I think it will be a good 32 (make that 31) minutes for me to spend today.

Saw the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey {by myself I might add!} last night and L-O-V-E-D it. I'm kinda picky when it comes to movies (I don't like wasting my time) and this one hit the nail on the head in all areas of dramatic, funny, inspirational, and even a bit romantic. Definite must see.

Wearing these Hunter boots. All the time. Yes, they are pricey but the perfect way for me to transition from my ever-so-comfy-and-slip-on-ever-so-quickly flip-flops. Here's the look I love:

Eating this snack: Apple slices + peanut butter + granola on top. Yum! for all ages.

Loving Boscia skincare. Now that I'm no longer nursing (note this because of the salicylic acid it contains), I recently started using the Clear Complexion cleanser, toner, and treatment and am sooooo happy to report that it's not too drying or harsh and is leaving me with fantastic results! All of their products are preservative free and botanically based which I think is really important when it comes to the face. 

While on the beauty front, I want to share that I finally started using a wrinkle/aging cream! Ahhhh! No, really it's all good. I know at 33 I'm actually late on this but as I've mentioned before, I'm really cautious about what I use while either pregnant or nursing (aka my life during the past 5 years). To find the kind I'm using, I did some research and after hearing so many rave reviews about the affordably priced Boots brand (made in London), I purchased the Protect & Perfect Intense night cream and I can't get enough of it! It goes on so smooth and silky and I can really tell a difference in the morning. Hurry, it's on sale now at Ulta!

Is it just me, or are there a lot of good songs on the radio right now? Here's a list of a few I've really been enjoying....

Finally found adorable little girl shoes! Shopping for cute and well-made kids shoes in Logan is soooo hard, no? Here's a couple we've been liking a lot...I promise that they're both CUTE and COMFORTABLE. ;)

Cientas- they even are made to be scented with strawberries, no joke!

Riley Boot, Red
Riley boot by Wee Squeak- you can easily take the squeaker out, or leave in and laugh your heart out!

And last, I found this article on blogging kinda interesting.

K, I made it with 4 minutes to I go!

p.s. future posts I hope to and easy fall garland, story of our first home purchase, pics of our updated guest bath, boys room, and Elyse's room. Not sure when I'll have the time for these, just someday...someday, I say! :O